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assertive communication at work class thumbnail

Assertive Communication at Work

Learn to communicate better at work and manage conflicts with the team or customers in a professional way to get the best results.
storytelling for better public speaking class thumbnail

Storytelling for Better Public Speaking

Improve your public speaking skills by learning how to speak to inspire and how to convince an audience by winning their hearts first.
understanding how to use escalation channels and systems class thumbnail

Solve Problems with Management Support

Learn about the escalation process so you can solve problems in the workplace with management support
listening barriers and how to follow instructions class thumbnail

Listening Barriers and How to Follow Instructions

This class is to help you learn how to actively listen and take verbal instructions so you can respond accordingly to colleagues and managers.
introduction to work communication writing email letters memo class thumbnail

Introduction to Work Communication: Writing Email, Letters, Memo

For young adults wanting to improve their written communication at the workplace efficiently, professionally and for the best results.
introduction to work communication negotiation meetings phone calls class thumbnail

Introduction to Work Communication: Negotiation, Meetings, Phone calls

Improve your business communication. Learn how to speak professionally in a business meeting, in-office interactions and in phone calls.
introduction to public speaking be a confident speaker class thumbnail

Introduction to Public Speaking – Be a Confident Speaker

Increase your self-confidence in public speaking and learn tips that will make you love to speak in front of an audience.
how to understand manage and communicate with clients class thumbnail

How to Understand, Manage and Communicate with Clients

Learn how to engage with your clients, identify their expectations and how to manage them.
how to receive feedback class thumbnail

How to Receive Feedback

Understand the purpose of feedback at work, and learn how to develop active listening skills and a mindset to receive feedback positively.
grow through online learning class thumbnail

Grow Through Online Learning

This course is designed to help you get the best out of online learning.

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