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How to Receive Feedback

Understand the purpose of feedback at work, and learn how to develop active listening skills and a mindset to receive feedback positively.
Training Bundle: Adaptability

Course Overview

This course is about understanding the purpose of workplace feedback, and to help you develop a mindset and the skills to receive feedback positively.

Learning Outcomes

  1. How to ask for feedback using 3 steps.
  2. Learn the 3 steps of active listening.
  3. Be able to generate a positive and growth mindset when receiving feedback.

Who can benefit from this course?

  • Interns
  • Fresh graduates
  • Corporate employees with 0-2 years of experience

Course Details

Course Price

RM200 / person

Class Size

10 - 25 people

Course Duration

1 hr

Delivery Method

In-Person Training

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