Communication in English

Challenges faced by Malaysian Employers

English Literacy in Malaysia

Without proficient English skills, your company might lose 30-32% of its productivity and international business opportunities, due to employee miscommunication, low customer satisfaction, increased costs of correcting mistakes, and missed business opportunities.

Why invest in English & Communication?

billion people in the world speak English
0 %
international companies use English
0 %
academic journals are written entirely in English
  • Communication skills in English boost performance & profits
  • Employees with a good command of the language produce better business results, faster progression, international postings and assignments.
  • 30% of company profits and employee salary increase can be achieved by improving English fluency to an intermediate level.

Our Solutions

English Language & Communication Courses

We offer Communication in English courses which can be trained as a standalone or a bundle of courses customised to your particular needs.

Long Courses

You can combine long and short courses to create a training bundle for your teams’ professional growth.

work essential english class thumbnail

Work Essential English

Learn language skills that help you adapt to work and social environments that require you to communicate in English.
business essential english class thumbnail

Business Essential English

For learners who already speak basic English and want to enhance their English speaking skills for a professional environment.
business administration english class thumbnail

Business Administration English

Learn how to use English for business administration and communication.
speak english confidently for adults class thumbnail

Speak English Confidently For Adults

For adults who want to increase their conversation skills and gain the confidence to speak at work, at school or with friends.

Short Courses

You can combine up to 5 short courses to create a full-day training session.

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