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Introduction to Public Speaking – Be a Confident Speaker

Increase your self-confidence in public speaking and learn tips that will make you love to speak in front of an audience.
Training Bundle: Public Speaking

Course Overview

This course is here to guide you in mastering the main aspects that make you a confident speaker and your presentation to be impactful. It can prove highly applicable to: university students who want to improve their assignment presentations and anyone who is motivated to improve their public speaking skills by mastering the basics of it.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the key steps for your preparation before the speech or presentation.
  2. Learn the elements of physical delivery of a speech (body language, appearance, gestures etc.).
  3. Discover what makes verbal delivery confident, impactful and able to capture attention.
  4. Identify the common mistakes in public speaking and learn how to avoid and replace them with good practices.

Who can benefit from this course?

Executives, administration staff, sales team, and team leaders who often deliver presentations.

Course Details

Course Price

RM350 / person

Class Size

10 - 25 people

Course Duration

2 hrs

Delivery Method

In-Person Training

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