Professional & Personal Development

Challenges faced by Malaysian Employers

Employee Skills Gap in the Workforce

9 in 10 company executives think the skills gap of the workforce is caused by lacking the necessary soft skills to help a business succeed.

89% of employers agree that training and guidance are the solution.

Why invest in Professional & Personal Development?

0 %
of employees would stay in a company if there was training & development.
0 %
of talent professionals said soft skills matter as much or more than hard skills.
0 %
of career success comes from having well-developed soft skills and people skills
  • 3.5x ROI – for every dollar spent on training ($1 invested $4.53 returned) seen in recruiting, retention, changeability and performance.
  • The Professional & Personal Training programme is the perfect compliment to corporate onboarding. By focusing on soft skills, communication and self-development, new executives will be able to confidently reach full productivity in a shorter amount of time. However, this programme can be plugged in at any point of their career path.

Our Solutions

Professional & Personal Development Courses

We offer Professional Development courses which can be trained as a standalone or a bundle of courses customised to your particular needs.

Long Courses

You can combine long and short courses to create a training bundle for your teams’ professional growth.

new executive training nxt program class thumbnail

New Executive Training (NXT) Program

The New Executive Training Program (NXT) is developed specifically for fresh graduates and employees that are new to the corporate environment.
formal office communication class thumbnail

Formal Office Communication

An introduction to professional, verbal and written office communication, covering phone or online conferencing as well as email, letters and reports.

Short Courses

You can combine up to 5 short courses to create a full-day training session.

5 techniques to stay focused on your goals class thumbnail

5 Techniques to Stay Focused on Your Goals

Lost focus on your goals? This class is designed to help you stay focused and motivated in order for you to reach your goals.
continuous learning strategies class thumbnail

Continuous Learning Strategies

Do you want to continue growing your career? This class will help you to find ways to stay up to date with the latest knowledge.
creating a plan for self improvement class thumbnail

Creating A Plan For Self-Improvement

For adults who wish to create a plan for self-improvement but also on how to execute the plans for growth and learning at work.
effective conflict resolution for professionals class thumbnail

Effective Conflict Resolution for Professionals

Equip sales or promotion team with the right techniques and language tools for a more impactful sales communication.
effective video and phone communication for work class thumbnail

Effective Video and Phone Communication for Work

Now that remote work and video conferencing are more essential than ever, learn how to manage online communication for the best results at work.
grow through online learning class thumbnail

Grow Through Online Learning

This course is designed to help you get the best out of online learning.
how to be professional at work class thumbnail

How to be Professional at Work

Prepare and equip yourself with an understanding of what professionalism is and how to become more professional at work.
how to receive feedback class thumbnail

How to Receive Feedback

Understand the purpose of feedback at work, and learn how to develop active listening skills and a mindset to receive feedback positively.
how to understand manage and communicate with clients class thumbnail

How to Understand, Manage and Communicate with Clients

Learn how to engage with your clients, identify their expectations and how to manage them.
listening barriers and how to follow instructions class thumbnail

Listening Barriers and How to Follow Instructions

This class is to help you learn how to actively listen and take verbal instructions so you can respond accordingly to colleagues and managers.

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