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How to Understand, Manage and Communicate with Clients

Learn how to engage with your clients, identify their expectations and how to manage them.
Training Bundle: Communication

Course Overview

We deal with clients all the time. Either you have your own business or working with a company, providing services and products requires a clear systematic flow in your communication and knowledge of what you are offering.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the importance of engaging with clients.
  2. Recognize what can influence a client’s expectations.
  3. How to understand, manage and communicate with clients.
  4. Learn how to engage and the importance of engaging with clients.
  5. Learn the skills to identify and manage clients’ expectations.
  6. Know the steps to manage a client’s expectations.

Who can benefit from this course?

  • Interns
  • Fresh graduates
  • Front-facing employees with 0-2 years of experience

Course Details

Course Price

RM200 / person

Class Size

10 - 25 people

Course Duration

1 hr

Delivery Method

In-Person Training

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