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Effective Conflict Resolution for Professionals

Equip sales or promotion team with the right techniques and language tools for a more impactful sales communication.
Training Bundle: Problem Solving

Course Overview

This course is here to guide you on how to apply the right techniques to turn around a conflict at work and to convert it into a productive situation without harming employee relationships. It can prove to be highly applicable to teams such as customer service, human resources, sales, management.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the root causes of workplace conflict and its effect on a company;
  • Deploying assertive communication as a means of approach in resolving workplace conflict;
  • Identify difficult behaviour and use negotiation to reach a practical resolution;
  • Identify the mode of communication with proper tools in designing a communication plan between stakeholders within the project team.
  • To identify unspoken conflict within the office.
  • Know how to communicate in an assertive manner for understanding.
  • Understand how to handle difficult behaviour within the office
  • Who can benefit from this course?

    • Full-time executives with 0-3 years work experience
    • University students and fresh graduates
    • Interns

    Course Details

    Course Price

    RM350 / person

    Class Size

    10 - 25 people

    Course Duration

    2 hrs

    Delivery Method

    In-Person Training

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