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Introduction to Work Communication: Negotiation, Meetings, Phone calls

Improve your business communication. Learn how to speak professionally in a business meeting, in-office interactions and in phone calls.
Training Bundle: Professional Conversation

Course Overview

This course is here to guide you in handling verbal communication at the workplace efficiently, professionally and for the best results. Studies say 80% of our daily work is communication with more than half of it being verbal communication. Having great skills in this area can increase the performance of your team and bring you and your company higher results.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the importance and risks of verbal communication at work.
  2. Learn the key tips in managing professional verbal communication.
  3. Find more ease in discussing and negotiating your tasks, your salary or any other situation that requires finding a common ground.
  4. Identify the phrases and language that are recommended to use in phone communication, meetings and negotiation conversations.

Who can benefit from this course?

Executives, administration staff, sales team, and team leaders who often communicate internally and externally, verbally or in writing, and deliver presentations.

Course Details

Course Price

RM350 / person

Class Size

10 - 25 people

Course Duration

2 hrs

Delivery Method

In-Person Training

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