5 Awesome Ways to Learn English at Home for Beginners

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Are you looking for easy and fun ways to learn English?

Are you new to learning English? Do you think becoming fluent in English is a difficult task? Or impossible even? We hear you!

Learning English is indeed a challenging task for many. But at the same time, it is an equally rewarding experience.

Sure, joining an English class or hiring a personal English tutor works well, but they are not always affordable or accessible. They often require resources that you may not have. This can slow down your learning process. At the same time, having poor English communication skills can make or break your career, even though you might be a talented student or a skilled worker.

However, don’t let this discourage you. English is an important language and the lingua franca of our modern world. This shouldn’t mean language learning should be always serious and hard. No matter what,

it should be an enjoyable experience for everyone. Especially for English language beginners like you who are constantly looking to improve their English skills.

If you are feeling intimidated or less confident about improving your English, we are here to help. For that, a starting point is necessary. And we think your home might be the best place for it! So are you ready to do it the DIY style?

Here are 5 creative, entertaining and money-free ways to learn English effectively from home, for beginners.


1. Let’s Play… Scrabble!

Scrabble is super fun for you and the whole family! Photo Credit: Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Trying to recall where you’ve heard that name before? How about we take a tour around your house and rediscover the dusty, old rectangle box lying around in the dark somewhere?

You got that right. Snake & Ladder, Monopoly, Checkers, Solitaire, Pinball, and Scrabble are some of the games we played so often that were popular in the 2000s! Very nostalgic, isn’t it? Well, it’s time to bring that energy back because guess what?

You have played this word game countless times with your friends and family members before. It’s not a new experience for you. You probably invented new words when you were young just to keep the game going! That’s how Scrabble stimulates creativity. Scrabble is super helpful for beginners who want to improve their English vocabulary. It is very interactive and helps you to learn many new words you have not heard of.

Making sense of a new language is not easy, but the Scrabble game does it for you effortlessly. Doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 48 years old.
Grab a partner now and Scrabble is ready for your new language adventure!


2. English Podcasts: What are they?

Listen to entertaining podcasts and get educated on English Photo Credit: William Iven on Unsplash

Are you stuck in traffic every day? Or is your daily commute tiring? You might have tried listening to the radio or the song playlist on your phone, but it still does not work. Whether you are studying or working, are you still feeling bored and uninspired? Then this is the right time for you to listen to podcasts to improve your English!

Podcasts are a series of audio files you can listen to any time, anywhere on any topic that you like. And in the past two years, podcasts have been gaining popularity, thanks to technology. A good podcast builds loyal listeners, so your earphones are going to be your constant companion. The best place to start would be the Google Podcasts app. Topics ranging from fitness to travel to food to history to mythology are just one click away. Sounds exciting?

The app is free to use on mobile and desktop, and easy to pick up where you left off. Most of the podcasts are in English, so this is the perfect chance for you to give it a try! You will be exposed to various English accents that will help you develop active listening skills. It is a skill that you can acquire with time. This will teach you how to pronounce new English words at your own pace.

Here are some good podcasts we recommend from the app: School of Greatness, Purpose with Jay Shetty, Myths and Legends, and How to Money.


3. Malaysian Short Stories

Do you love good stories, although reading novels are not your cup of tea? If you have been told that reading English novels is the best way to improve your English, then you are not alone. Yes, it’s frustrating, but let’s be honest. Reading is an extremely healthy habit! But not everyone is able to hold their attention span for such a long time while reading a novel. Plus, books are expensive.

Which is why Malaysian short stories can be your perfect match!

They are less time-consuming, easily accessible and equally engaging to read.The are plenty of stories that are mostly about Malaysian culture which will be familiar to you! As you learn to read a variety of writing styles, improving your vocabulary will become easier for you. The more relatable a story is, the better it will connect with you.

Eksenstrika here features Malaysian English short stories that are unique, interesting and simple enough to read for beginners. Pick your first story to read!


4. Malaysian Youtube Vloggers

There are some really awesome Malaysian vloggers you can check out. Photo Credit: Galymzhan Abdugalimov on Unsplash

Yes, we know! This is an unusual pick, but that is where the fun is. Learning English should be fun as much as it should be educational for you. And Malaysian Vloggers are here to deliver them both! They vlog about their latest adventures on lifestyle, food, travel, and family in an entertaining way. Not only are they interesting enough to watch, but they are very valuable when it comes to speaking English clearly. The best part is that they speak in our unique Malaysian accent! It will be easy for you to relate since they use a simple, casual style of English to communicate. You will be able to focus on their English pronunciation and the kind of words they use to make their content more engaging.

Ready to sharpen your speaking skills?

Follow SoImJenn, and GermaniProductions to learn English today with an spoonful of comedy!


5. Kids as your Language Buddies

Buddy up with kids in your family so you can practice freely. Photo Credit: Ben White on Unsplash
It is not surprising that in today’s world, most children are English-educated from an early age. Who says kids can’t be good teachers? If you happen to have young nieces or nephews who are improving their English quickly at school, you can ask them to be your little mentor or a Language Buddy. And just watch their eyes light up with excitement!

So how does it work? First, you teach them a language you are fluent in, and in exchange, they teach you how to speak fluently in English! Having children as Language Buddies will help you have better, spontaneous conversations in English without having to worry so much about making mistakes. Be prepared for the many laugh-out-loud moments to come your way! Learning English can be extremely beneficial for you, so start doing it joyfully.

Creativity is incredibly useful when it comes to learning any new languages. It boosts your brain productivity rate. So we hope this creative list motivates you to try these cash-free methods to become a better English language learner. Good things take time and patience, so don’t be overwhelmed if you feel you aren’t improving at the start. Even small milestones are worth celebrating.


If you had trouble understanding this article:

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All the best!


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