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Agile Made Simple

The definition of Agile is to be able to move quickly and easily. So, it’s no surprise that the definition … Read more

Upwards Management 101

Nobody in an interview will ask you about your Upwards Management skills. However, this trait is pertinent to ensuring you … Read more

Critical Thinking 101

Critical Thinking is all about analysing available facts, evidence, observations and argument to help form your judgement or decision. Thinking … Read more

Creative Thinking 101

Simply put, Creative Thinking is all about find innovative ways to solve problems. Through various steps, including brainstorming, ideas are … Read more

Cheat Sheets

Brainstorming Facilitator Checklist

During the meeting the facilitator is in charge of the following; – Start on time as scheduled.– Share the agenda … Read more

Pre-Brainstorming Checklist

1. Define the problem/goal in simple and easy to understand terms, even to someone who does not work with that … Read more

Have an Effective Brainstorming

Set Up The Context Explain the problem that needs to be addressed clearly. Define together the rules of engagement in … Read more