“Problem” may sound bad, but in fact problems are opportunities to develop your productivity.

Problems are generally seen with a negative connotation because they signal things that don’t work as intended, unmet results, risks, conflicts, and other undesirable outcomes. However, this is precisely why problems at work are opportunities!


Employees who approach problems with curiosity, creativity, and courage, and who ultimately solve or contribute to finding a solution, will stand out and be appreciated in every team.

Through the process of problem solving, problems are opportunities to:

The process of solving problems can lead to major company innovations and gains. For the employee, problems help to upskill and make yourself visible in a company.

Often, what stands in the way of approaching problems with courage is the fear of failing when attempting to solve them. At times like these, assess what the company encourages, and what the team culture is regarding creativity, contribution, and improvement.

If the company culture does not encourage trial and error, ensure to have a thoroughly documented suggestion and an approach based on sufficient validation of the idea prior to suggesting it to the management.

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